Good morning everybody. Still trying to pretend it was not almost 100 degrees in the valley past mid-October yesterday, and that our state is not half-burning embers.  Still harder to think about how much damage Trump can do if he manages to make it four years and, still hardest, to make it a “happy time” for my kids. I don’t know which lie will be exposed first – that the world is a happy place, full of love and unity, or that Santa Claus is not real. I guess The Santa facade will fall first, but it’s a tight race!

Well, it’s looking like the two top payrolls, The Dodgers and The Yankees, are going to meet in the World Series, as Rocky Balboa, and the Houston Astros, struggle to break up the party. Who says money doesn’t buy championships? It’s hard to stomach as a SF Giants fan, but if the Dodgers win, that means Magic Johnson should have the cash to attract a pretty sweet soccer player from across the pond to my new team — LAFC – so…everybody wins!

Gotta go – Jeff “The Lying Keebler Elf” Sessions is about to tell a lie –I mean – testify. Still waiting for this Jesus dude to show up before Satan’s Army ruins everything. I guess people are just praying wrong?