Hey, when is the Jesus Guy going to show up? What’s he waiting for, flames? Collin Hay has it right: “I tried talking to Jesus but he just put me on hold. Said he was swamped by calls this week and could not shake his cold”. I think Jesus is bed ridden with pneumonia!!!

I am trying not to be skeptical of religion but holy shit, ya’ll must be praying all wrong, cause the earth is melting and its warming climate is a perfect host for the current Satan in the White House. 2000 years of spirituality have led us to this moment in time. What better time to give critical thinking a chance?

Critical thinking is the Tom Brady on the bench before Drew Bledsoe got hurt. Then, Tom came in and we all know the rest. Religion flat out does not work. It can be too easily co-opted by evangelicals and the less educated. Facts, research, and dissertation are the only way out. It’s time to abandon far- gone legends of magical males that were sun kissed by our creator.

Your thoughts and prayers are not stopping people from shooting up schools and concerts, from Big Oil contaminating our air and soil, and are unheard of by the most powerful religion in the world, GREED!

Small acts of occasional empathy are not the same as being empathetic. It must be taught in schools. Instead of a symbolic pledge of allegiance to a place “under God”. I would rather kids have to recite: “I will not litter. I will not speed down neighborhood streets when I get my drivers license. I will return shopping carts to the cart area so as not to block parking spaces.  I will not text and drive. I will not talk or be on my cell phone in movie theaters. I will not leave the public restrooms in a disgusting state for the next patron. I will treat people the way I would like to be treated. I will be discerning of the media and come to my own conclusions based on discussion and research.”

Time to sub in “Tom Brady” over “thoughts and prayers.” It’s the best move we can make.


Photo “Tom Brady” By Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=64096413