My wife was asking about the capability of Nukes from North Korea hitting the West Coast last night and of course I had to answer honestly that…I……don’t…think so? I think we have some crap that can knock it down like “The Iron Giant” or something- take it over the ocean and just kill all the sea life and the most important eco-system on the planet.

I think Kim Jong Fool is more of a bluffer than Kim Jong Trump, so I think we will be fine. I sure am glad that all these thousands of years of praying and religion have not staved off mans natural inclination to plunder as many resources from this globe as they can, and kill those who would try to stop them. All this praying has got us to the point where we developed technology to disintegrate the planet. Well done.

It is getting harder to argue politics, for this reason- no amount of awakened thought, critical thinking and compassion seems to stave off the inevitable – man sucks – the former is like a sandcastle to close to shore and the latter is like the polluted waves that will come to destroy all that is nice. Happy Tuesday everybody!!! 🙂