So somehow the topic of “Jill Stein/Susan Sarandon” came up on Stephanie Miller last Wednesday and I went off on those who wasted their vote on a mythical third party hero. I was ranting on air and Twitter-fighting with my friend Jim off air, in between.

It became a topic in my therapy sessions in which I discovered that those who voted for Hillary and those who refused are both terrified of what is happening to our country, and in some respect we are frightened that, for the most part, we our powerless to stop certain things. I have been at an impasse with my friends who refused to vote for Hillary and have accused them of being Don Quixote shouting at windmills — while they have accused me of being complacent with corporatist warmongers.

We both want the same thing, which is for the country to be healthy again. I have used all kinds of analogies to describe what I think of people who are unwilling to compromise at the risk of ignoring reality – only because I do not want this to happen in 2020 again!!

This is how I see it and the following is what I texted to my friend Jim:

“Let me put it this way. The White House and our country had bronchitis, and Hillary represented antibiotics. The fierce Young Turks did not want to take antibiotics, believing it to be poisonous and potentially contributing to the risk of our immune system. They would rather us go natural with raw apple cider vinegar and wheat grass. The Hillary people said ‘lets stabilize the bronchitis for now and then when we heal – THEN we will go natural and help the body to prevent further cases of bronchitis.’ But if we just use apple cider vinegar and wheat grass we are risking it turning into walking pneumonia – and that is exactly what happened. Trump is walking pneumonia and we need REAL drugs to get him out – let us heal first and THEN go natural. Let’s not play Christian Scientists, make the same mistake, and risk a worse disease than what we have now.”

Be adult enough to compromise. Anybody who is married and has kids knows that is how the world works. Do NOT let perfect be the enemy of the good – just ask Bernie Sanders why he decided to vote for Hillary… Even Mr. Apple Cider Vinegar was trying to prescribe antibiotics.