Sunday Night. On a flight back from Pensacola, FL via Charlotte, NC (Dallas is too weather iffy)  – 10:56 on an antiquated American Airlines Plane in a coveted exit row. Just finished watching “In Like Flynt” and studying a scene for an on camera audition on Tuesday.

This 6 hour leg is giving me the opportunity to re-enter my regular reality back home – the wonderful routine of being husband, daddy, dog walker and fruit-shake maker in the morning.

I left L.A. 16 hours after hitting a pot hole on my Vespa and return home to the stress that my baby will have to be in the shop while I drive the dreaded four wheeled soul trapper. I hate traffic with a passion that rages harder than my increased heartbeat going over Barham.

Just finished a CON in Florida where geeks and nerds thought I was great – I got free transport and free food – why can’t that last forever? “ You’re great – here’s money – instead of no, no, no, no , no …maybe – but not really no!

Hell, that’s the excitement though, right. Can’t call yourself a gold panner if the gold is placed on your pillow every night – that would be like Barron Trump – youth and wealth wasted on the young. Accept the work, accept the challenge of routine and ordinary, the beauty of family – but never will I accept TRAFFIC – a brief meditation and feeling of lightness to when I return – sitting on my matte-black, two-wheeled angel – melting the traffic like a hot knife through butter….

Next stop — Lexington CON! March 10-12! See you there!

Enjoy the weekend!