Good morning all. My first unedited ten minute, in show blog. Here on the set of the Stephanie Miller XM radio show and hold, on – another shooting – crap – I can’t keep up. Tragedy? Hell no! A MATHEMATICAL probability. As parents, if you host a sleepover with 6-year-olds and give them all books of matches you can’t blame mental illness for the fires that ensue. The mental illness is with the parents that ALLOW the kids to have matches in the fist place!!

The reason gun people do not listen to reason is that you cannot reason with a psychological addiction to the object in question. Asking a gun person to give up their guns is like asking grandma for her car keys and drivers license – “grandma, you’re not safe to drive” – grandma’s attachment to her car goes beyond functional – she’s totally and emotionally dependent on it. At the the core of a gun person’s mentality is the belief that guns provide them freedom and safety – from the people who will abuse the right to own them and turn them on the very people who believe they are safe. And then it becomes a timing issue, wherein “good guy” with a gun believes, “if only I were there during that school shooting with MY gun” I could have stopped it !” I would have aimed perfectly and taken out ONLY the intended target and because of my imaginary cape – the cops would immediately recognize ME as the GOOD GUY – with no confusion and chaos whatsoever.

The solutions are complex, no doubt, as there are many gun laws that are not or are unenforceable – if only because their funding is cut – by design – from pro gun forces. It’s going to be hard to take the matches away from the kids, but until we do, expect the fires to start and grab the extinguishers!