Okay — I just saw Santa at The Grove, last night, so I am not as bitter as I could be, but it’s all small marshmallows on top of my cocoa. There’s still the reality of the cooling chocolate liquid giving way to sugar regret and the waning flavor of the marshmallows now long gone.

Lets have the holiday and get on with it – the reality that is – that this country is broken and afflicted with a cancer that has metastasized beyond control. Even if Jesus himself decides to drop into 2018, half the country is going to be wondering how he got passed the Muslim Travel Ban.

That cancer is FOX News and all it’s Right Wing, Sinclair Broadcasting spawn. Visual fluoride injected into the brains of the unwilling and undereducated. We, as a nation are unhealthy and what little injections of truth we can mange to administer to said afflicted will do little stave the tide of deceit they are drowning in.

As I have said before, we on the left (right side of history) are Rowdy Roddy Piper in 80’s jeans and our job is not to stop the misinformation, rather to get those under it’s spell, to put on the freaking glasses. It’s going to be a 12-minute alley fight scene with Keith David, but we must prevail. We don’t hate you, FOX viewers; we just want you to see the evil for what it is. Merry Christmas – SCIENCE!!