Today is a “no nap” day and I am as worried as a lycanthrope on a full moon! There will be yelling and walls that may be punched, searching for lost keys. Thank goodness I have no access to firearms! At least I went full adult and got to bed at a sensible hour last night so there’s a chance I will survive this day without a hand injury. Not to mention my daily fury with the loony fool in the White House.

Now I feel the stress that Chicken Little must have felt. The sky IS falling, Goddammit!! What will it take for the GOP to wake up? Putin, on tape having sex with Trump on a nuclear mushroom cloud, I suppose?  Jesus, the level of complicity out rivals Renfield’s loyalty to Dracula. They both eat spiders.

This confirms what I have always believed. Greed is morality’s black hole. There is no religion on earth that can stand up to its power. “Might Makes Right” and “Survival Of The Fittest” actually rule over those who refuse to believe in evolution. We are tribal at our core and love is a learned behavior. Trust does not come naturally. It must be earned. But we don’t teach it anymore. We admit people are bad and say the best way to keep yourself safe is a gun.

If religion worked and we actually could ‘coexist” there would be no need for guns or any other weapon to protect ourselves from ourselves. But it doesn’t. Mankind is naturally an unawake beast that needs to be woken. Our current administration does not foster that. It fosters mistrust and fear and it begs for the adults in the room to remedy this trail to hell. Unfortunately the GOP refuses to act like said adults and are helping to drag us into oblivion. Follow the Red Brick Road, Repubs keep people asleep, but I will do my best to “wake” some of your zombie followers and lead them toward the light! But I need that light dim for now.

Man, I need a nap!!


*”POWER NAP” comic image by Maritza Campos + Bachan