Hit the road, Jack and don’t ya come around, Roy Moore, Roy Moore! Celebrating a small victory for Doug Jones in Alabama last night – save the “recount” by Count Von Count from Sesame Street. Last night’s Holiday Party was made that much brighter when we heard the news that hate and fear lost!

Fear can get people to the polls, but we are hopefully learning that it cannot govern. Trump lost to his own employee in the primaries and then watched as his robo calls proved to be ineffective in winning the general election in a Red State. Hopefully this is a sign that the country is waking up – that they are realizing their votes do count, that they can overcome voter suppression and obstruction — “…and the meek shall inherit Alabama.”

Granted this is not the sweeping national change yet, but it is one of many bricks necessary to build  a unified democratic coalition. Let this small victory at least unite us in strategy towards winning more elections that have national implications. So much is at stake now. Red hats, slogans and cowboys on horses is not our best future.