Just finished my fuel for breakfast meal, as I listen to Big Pharma’s pull on the TV just off from the kitchen. Dems are filibustering, chemical weapons are unleashed in Syria, North Korea is firing ballistic missiles and I have to tuck the kids in tonight! “Sleep tight don’t let the world news bite”

Off to Stephanie Miller and reminding myself to “be funny” this morning. So much hell going on we could use a wee patch of levity. We’ll see – our so called leader is bat shot crazy and greed has been fed it’s best diet of fear and lies yet.

I just heard the phrase that makes my skin crawl. “The American People” – as if that group actually exists – what the fuck does that mean – “American People?” What color are they? How old are they? Where the fuck do they live and get their news? They are like monsters under the bed – they don’t exist – it is an attempt to pretend that we are still united – just like singing the National Anthem at sporting events.

“One Nation, under a made up male god, clearly divisible, by misinformation, with liberty for Russian Pals and justice for country club golfers who are straight. Ok – so I am armed with this in my head and now the challenge is to become less angered and scared before I go on the air for some of that “levity”.

Oh well, the SF Giants won and THAT makes me happy – oh and I love my family and friends – shit, almost forgot.