The most giant misnomer of all time, “The American People” label, is a feeble attempt to pretend there is a real unification of purpose for all people living in these “united states”. This morning on CNN,  Idaho Senator, Jim Risch, had the audacity to respond to a question about why he criticized Trump, Re: the “Pussy Tape,” and why he won’t now hold Trump to the same standards. His response: “He is the President, now and we, as Americans, have always wanted our President to succeed.”

What the Jesus Fuck? McConnell – “our goal is to make Obama a one term president” — 293 days WITHOUT a Supreme Court Judge, states ignoring the FEDERAL LAW to allow gays to marry, looking for fucking birth certificates from a STANDING president – and the CNN anchors sat there and — I don’t know — forgot to be fucking journalists and did not bring this up? This is more droid-like allegiance from Republicans for an insane man who’s agenda could quite LITERALLY destroy the world. No Jim – I want nothing more than for THIS “president” to fail – his failure leads the way to cleaner air and water for my kids and grandkids, better rights for women and transgender, and a foreign policy that features patience and measured thinking- not angry tweets. Jim Risch is part of the problem.  Blind allegiance is the opposite of healthy debate and unified solutions. Blind allegiance is the opposite of critical thinking and it’s dangerous- we are “many nations, some not under god by choice, extremely divisible, with liberty and justice for some, and rolling over under the “we are all Americans” slogan is a dangerous path.

Come on CNN and Jim Risch. Grow a pair… of Ovaries like Corker and Flake!