Well, it’s another Wednesday morning in studio at Stephanie Miller Radio and I am releasing all the tension and ire at Trump and his despicable minions – they deserve all the hate we can muster. There has never been a more important, nor relevant time to hate DT. Hate him like a Nazi and The Devil – hate him like the Nazi Devil he is and hate all the disingenuous cronies who fly over him like birds over a Hippo. Feel sorry and comfort those who were duped by FOX News and other right wing propaganda. Give them a hug like they are Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting” and say, “it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault”.

My hate for Trump is almost as strong as my love for my family and both fuel me to keep fighting for what’s right. Fighting for the very existence of this planet, for clean water and breathable air, for a chance to wear a jacket in LA for just ONE week. Tuesday nights are the hardest nights to sleep as I have to open up my awareness of the world to prepare to be a guest on the radio show.

I love my work and I love being creative and being with friends but they all are dwarfed by Tuesday Night Gloom. I am not running around saying “the sky is falling”  but our country is. The world is. We are just not hard wired to think about it daily because maybe it’s just too damned much. So – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – hug your family  and HATE this administration!