Good morning. California is on fire… freaking December. So this holiday season remember to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus by supporting corporations that want to contribute to the warming of the planet, and to candidates who deny the science behind climate change. As Scrooge famously denied when he saw Jacob Marley –“ it must have been caused by a bit of bad beef”.  Global Warming – Humbug!!!

We need to change our wiring and act accordingly and swiftly. There is no time like the habitable present because the uninhabitable future awaits. There won’t be enough PABA infused cream to save us from our present procrastination. The Ghost Of Christmas Present wants us to invest in Tesla and all other Green Energy as we promote the SLOW transition away from oil – nothing has to happen that quickly – except our willingness to change.

Now, go and buy that golden goose in the window – even though it is currently loaded with antibiotics and hormones. Merry Christmas!